Friday, December 31, 2010

Writing Resolutions

I've never been good at keeping my resolutions. Probably because I set ridiculously high goals for myself, which are basically impossible (ie: fly to the moon, marry a prince, become the next JKR). This year, I thought I'd try something new -- Realistic goals!

1. Read more. This should be pretty easy, considering I'm only taking three classes, and I graduate in May. Hellooooo, free time!

2. Complete the 2011 Debut Author Challenge. Also easy. I'm participating, as well as the girls at Let the Words Flow, so you'll have plenty of book recommendations in the coming months.

3. Write more. Not necessarily every day, because sometimes that's just not possible. But no more of those lingering month-long stretches where I don't touch Word.

4. Find an agent. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

5. Read the newspaper at least three times a week. I'm pathetically behind in non-publishing-related news.

Some other things I'm hoping to accomplish this year:

- Get into the Columbia Publishing Course
- Move to NYC or D.C. this summer
- Get a job in publishing
- Get a pet (that isn't a fish or a mouse)
- Spend more time at the gym. I totally slacked this semester.
- Go to Ikea (No, I've never been. I'm embarrassed to admit it.)

What about you guys? What are your resolutions for 2011?


  1. It's okay. I've never been to Ikea either. Maybe I should do that this year too =)

    But seriously, it's also my goal to write more. And read more. I mean, I do plenty of both, but it's usually for my history classes, and not for myself. So do more of that for myself, I guess.

    And then my other goal is to be more positive.

  2. I think Ikea is an awesome goal. I want to go play house, like in 500 Days of Summer.

    And reading and writing for yourSELF is definitely a good resolution. I got caught up in school hardcore this semester, so I'm determined to do more reading for myself. I miss books.

  3. Ikea is an awesome goal! So is getting a pet. Amen for picking goals that are attainable and add enjoyment to your life...instead of being a drag!

  4. Hey! I also did a blog post about my resolutions. I had a resolution for each month until graduation ( I graduate in May as well)

    I definitely want to read more this year too. I'm taking 1 class (sure there's 2 jobs) but I have more free time so I don't have an excuse.

    Write more heh more like write something/anything because 2010 was a horrible writing year.

    Wishing you the best on finding an agent and meeting all your resolutions.

    If you end up in NYC or D.C this summer let me know, hopefully I'm still in the area after graduation.

    I've only been to IKEA once and I saw the marvelous potential of what my place could be like- only I'm not into decorating even though I want to do it.