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Status: Being revised
Genre: YA Dystopian
Word Count: ~60,000
Everyone thinks Neva Shulman is mute. Forced into hiding after getting her friends and family killed, she’s determined to keep her mouth shut. She spends her days locked in the Madigans’ basement, plotting revenge on the man who left her an orphan at seventeen. When he takes control of the government and launches a witch-hunt to find her, Neva realizes she has to leave if she wants to keep the family who rescued her out of harm’s reach.

But leaving isn’t as easy as she thought. Graham Madigan has forced his way into her heart, despite her best efforts to keep him at a distance. He holds her through air raids, teaches her to paint, and works to keep her morale up when the basement gets to be too claustrophobic. With her priorities shifting, she can’t decide who is more important: Graham or the man who killed her parents.

After a bombing destroys their neighborhood, the Madigans go missing and Neva is forced to make a decision. In the process of locating Graham and his parents she is forced to speak, and in the process learns how to trust people again. What she doesn’t expect is to wind up in a place that may just lead her to both men and a choice she hadn’t anticipated.


Status: Complete
Genre: Adult Dystopian/Romance
Word Count: ~80,000
Artwork by: Jennifer Allen
Summary: When you decide who lives and who dies in a society where natural death is impossible, you can protect yourself from just about anyone and anything. That’s what Lottery thought — until he discovers that Aema, the love of his life, has grown tired of waiting for him to claim her as his own. Consumed by jealousy, he marks her fiance, Darius, for execution in the upcoming Selection. But the Centre's leader has noticed his preoccupation with Aema and, hoping it may restore Lottery's focus, decides to have her killed as well. Now Lottery must enlist Darius's help to keep the woman they love alive. Together, they formulate a plan to escape the Centre and undermine everything it stands for, and Aema is forced to decide, once and for all, which man owns her heart.