Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This has nothing to do with publishing.

I don't feel like talking about publishing today. Or writing. Mostly because I just had midterms for the last two weeks, pulled an all-nighter last night, and have about zero brain function.

But what could I possibly talk about, you wonder?

The answer, dear readers, is simple. Myself! I shall talk about myself. And then you shall talk about yourselves so I can get to know you better, and you can get to know me better, and then we can all be friends, because everyone likes having more friends. I know I do. And that was a really long (and really unnecessary) sentence.

So! Without further ado, this is what my sleep-deprived brain has come up with for you today:


  1. I'm only 5 feet tall, and I haven't grown since 5th grade. All of my clothes still fit. No joke.
  2. My full name is Samantha, but only my dentist (whom I loathe) calls me that.
  3. I have a younger brother (20) and sister (17).
  4. My aunt spells my name wrong on every card she sends me. I don't think I've ever seen it spelled correctly. And she's known me for nearly 23 years.
  5. I'm obsessed with cheesy popcorn.
  6. And you can pretty much bribe me to do anything with a box of Andes mints.
  7. I've lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ireland, and Washington, D.C.
  8. Kirk Cameron (before he turned into a crazy preacher man) was the reason I became a writer.
  9. I've gone to a different university every fall.
  10. I hate touching raw meat. I think it's a legit phobia, or something. I just won't do it.
  11. However, I love eating meat. Go figure.
  12. Bina women are notoriously good bakers. I'm thankful to have inherited that from my mom.
  13. There's a raccoon living in my attic as we speak. I hate him.
  14. If anything, I'm probably TOO optimistic.
  15. I love 90s UK/Irish television.
  16. I live for monopoly season at McDonald's.
  17. Not a big fan of big crowds.
  18. I've never been to a baseball game.
  19. I don't like the movie Pulp Fiction. Sue me.
  20. I also think MOBY DICK and HEART OF DARKNESS are the two worst books ever published.
  21. I'm one of those losers who paints their nails every day or two.
  22. You'll probably never see me with the same hair color. Though I have been a redhead for the last year...
  23. The people at Sephora know me by name. I can't decide if this is a bad thing or a good thing.
  24. I think you can put avocados on anything and it instantly makes that thing 10x better.
  25. I hate Wisconsin.
  26. Fall is my favorite season.
  27. Call me crazy, but I love riding public transportation.
  28. I like mice.
  29. My favorite color is Tiffany Box Blue.
  30. Until this past summer, I was petrified of dogs.
  31. I'm not good with money.
  32. I have this weird obsession with owls.
  33. I've had my current Netflix movie for three months. Mostly because I'm too lazy to open the envelope, watch it, and return it.
  34. I miss Boo Radley. I need a new mouse. One that doesn't have rabies, which means the ones infesting my house are out.
  35. I never have a black pen on me because I lose them all.
  36. I think budget theaters are the best things ever.
  37. I did theater in high school. I miss it.
  38. I'm not afraid to admit I have an entire playlist on iTunes dedicated to my favorite 90s songs.
  39. David Bowie rocks my world.
  40. I can't drink caffeine.
  41. I went through this really awful phase in high school where I wore pants that could fit four of me, skater t-shirts, and chains. Luckily it only lasted for a month or two, but it's one of the most embarrassing/horrifying memories I have.
  42. If I could, I'd dye my hair pink again.
  43. Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are my two favorite movies.
  44. Do you remember Sully from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? I wanted to marry him when I was a kid.
  45. Hoarders is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure.
  46. I can happily claim to have never done drugs. Or even smoked a cigarette.
  47. I like mojitos.
  48. I sleep with my window open year round. Even in winter. When it's below freezing.
  49. My room is an ice box right now. And the window isn't open.
  50. Titanic: Adventure Out of Time was my favorite computer game as a kid. I can still quote most of it. I keep telling myself that doesn't make me pathetic.
  51. I like taking stupid pictures of myself. This generally happens when I'm tired. See below:

Lucky for you guys, none of these are from today. Because I look like a member of the homeless walking dead. Midterms will do that to you.


Now it's your turn to share! Tell me something about yourself. Anything. Post a picture. I don't care. But I'd like to get to know my readers! If anything, it's an excellent source of procrastination for those of you still in the midst of midterms! Or parenting. Or grown-up jobs.

Come on. You know you want to.


  1. 1. I have glasses, too.
    2. I rarely shut down my laptop. It just sleeps a lot.
    3. I write fiction with 1.5 spacing. I can't deal with anything else.
    4. Distance allows me to think the raccoon sounds kind of cool.
    5. I've always wanted to streak my hair with outrageous colors but never had the guts.

  2. 1. Glasses are AWESOME.
    2. Me either.
    3. Really? I can't write in single space anymore.
    4. He isn't, I assure you.
    5. DO IT.

  3. 1. I write fiction single spaced, but lit crit in double, and if it's not Georgia, Times (New Roman), or American Typewriter, I can't write in it.
    2. I'm a huge movie/actor/director nerd! My memory isn't the best but I love discussing all of it. I think it goes hand-in-hand with my lit theory fetish.
    3. I've permed my hair twice.
    4. On the off-chance I paint my nails (which rarely happens because they always look like shit), I never manually remove the polish. It just sort of chips off over time. I'm too lazy to care.
    5. I really want to see a tornado, but I also really never want to see a tornado.

  4. This made me smile, Sammy! I, too, hate touching raw meat--if I have to cut up chicken for something I'll actually use a knife and fork. It's the silliest thing, but that slimy feeling...ugh. I also can't handle the smell of cooking ground beef (WTF!?!) so refuse to use it at all. It's ground turkey or nothing!

    A few more...

    I would love to be a healthy eater, but I'd happily eat nothing but bread, cheese, and wine for weeks on end.

    I really like vacuuming.

    I really hate folding laundry.

    I love terrible 1950s horror/sci-fi movies. I just watched The Killer Shrews last night. Yes, really. It featured dogs wearing shrew masks, mop heads, and fake rat tails as the shrews.

    I think kittens are way cuter than babies. But I think the cutest thing in the world are puppies' chubby paws.

  5. 1. I'm going to Australia for an entire semester and it blows my mind. My 22nd birthday will be spent on a country/continent.
    2. When I was 10, I told my mom I was getting married to a doctor at Vassar College. My mom looked at me like I was crazy and I've never spoken of it since. Til now. Crazy part? The guy I like is a pre-med major at Vassar College.
    3. I take photos of myself ridiculously every day and I throw myself a dance party every day because its stress-relieving.
    4. I hate the smell of eggs. I can't eat them because of the smell. And yes, I KNOW they're good for you.
    5. People in my family are known for being skinny yet I get shit for it because I haven't grown out of the phase yet.
    6. My food on my plates can't touch. It grosses me out.
    7. I refuse to wear make-up because I believe natual beauty is more beautiful.
    8. That being said I wear make up on rare ocassions. i.e. prom.
    9. I can't spell the word occasions right. LOL!
    10. I wish I was fatter.

  6. 1. I always write fiction single spaced. This is a bad idea, because then I forget to double space things.
    2. I change fonts with every story I write. Unless they're in the same universe, in which case, formatting stays the same.
    3. I'm actually kind of ready to be done with college. Too bad I have another year and a half left.
    4. I like to bite off more than I can chew in terms of workload.
    5. My Spanish teacher must think I'm a terrible insomniac because I'm always falling asleep in her class.
    6. I speak Spanish (mas o menos.)
    7. I've been trying to do exercises to strengthen weak back muscles. This only works some of the time, because I am lazy.
    8. I'm really excited for Nanowrimo this year.

  7. @Meg: I permed my hair twice, too! Once in 4th grade, and once in 9th. I should show you pictures. GOD, it was a disaster.

    @Rowena: I am SO GLAD I'm not the only raw meat hater here! I hate trimming chicken, and I think if I had to stick my hand inside a turkey, I'd freak out. And maybe die. I mean, why can't they take the bag of guts out before selling the darn thing? Most people probably don't eat gizzards, so WHY DO THEY TORTURE people like us by keeping them inside the bird? It's cruel.

    @Anonymous: You aren't alone; my dad hates the smell of eggs, too. Especially egg salad. Which is why I make it every time I visit :-p Also, good for you! I've been wearing less makeup lately, but I don't think I could ever just stop wearing it cold turkey. I love Sephora way too much for that, hahaha.

    @Ellen: I feel your pain. I'm in my 5th and last year of college, and I was ready to be done a year ago. At least that last year isn't going to be too bad! My Spanish is pretty abysmal these days, but I still know some key phrases. For example: I work the corner at night, I'm pregnant and you're the father, and where are my eggs?