Monday, May 31, 2010

The Typical Day of an Intern

Friends and family have been asking what, exactly, my day as an intern looks like. So I thought I'd write it out for everyone. In detail.

So! This is what I do!

7:30am - Alarm goes off. 'Snooze' is immediately hit.

7:35am - Alarm goes off again.

7:40am - More snooze.

7:45am - Finally roll out of bed. Literally.

7:45-8:05am - Apply makeup with unsteady hands. Reapply. Straighten hair.

8:05-8:15 - Scarf down breakfast. Whatever is available. Just be careful - milk has a tendency to go bad.

8:15-8:25am - Dig through suitcases/drawers for some semblance of a work-appropriate outfit. Try to locate shoes.

8:25-8:30am - Talk to Darlene and the dogs.

8:30am - Darlene drops me off at the bus stop. Which I could walk to (easily), but who am I to turn down a ride?

8:30-8:45am - Flip through the free paper at the bus stop. Shoot angry morning glares at the creepy man who sometimes is at the bus stop, too.

8:45-9:05am - Take bus to the Pentagon. Avoid stepping on anyone's toes. Avoid falling into anyone's lap due to jerky bus movements. It's one of my biggest fears, and so far I've avoided it.

9:05-9:40am - Take two trains to get to Tenleytown. Am sometimes smushed between sweaty, overweight, crabby adults. Am sometimes farted on. Or stepped on.

9:40am - Blessed Starbucks, served by an attractive man with dreads. One of these days, I will learn your name, and we will be friends who know each other's names.

9:50am - Arrive at work.

9:50-10am - Chat with Naomi and Elaine. Get settled in for the day. Drink more Starbucks.

10-11am - Read first partial of the day. Could be good. Could be bad. More than likely, average. Or bad.

11-11:25am - Write report on said partial. Usually involving the words, "I would suggest passing on this manuscript."

11:25-1pm - Chat with other intern. Read another partial. Write another report.

1pm(ish) - Lunchtime! This could involve wandering around Wisconsin Ave. trying to find food, overheating something I brought in the microwave, or ordering Thai.

1:45-5pm - Read another two-three partials. Write more reports. Talk to the other interns more. Ask Naomi questions. Eat cupcakes.

5pm - Walk back to the metro. Consider stopping by Best Buy for a new camera battery. Decide I'm too tired, and continue on my way.

5:15pm - Catch the first train back home.

5:30pm - Second train.

5:45-6pm - Wait for the bus. I still don't know what times they come at.

6:30pm - Arrive at bus stop.

6:40pm - Arrive home. Crash. Die.

The end!

(And yes. I seriously do love my job. So much. It makes being farted on worth it.)


  1. Nice...although I'm a little scared about just how many times you must have done the Best Buy debate to have it become 'routine'...

    - Rebekah (Ravina)

  2. Every day for a week, haha. Best Buy is right across from my metro stop, and by the end of the day I'm just too tired to go hunt down a camera battery. I'm so pathetic, lol.