Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contest! (Edited)

It's Contest Time!

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of contests on the blogs I follow, and naturally, I wanted in on this latest fad. I'm a follower, what can I say? So I sat down and thought to myself, 'Hmm. What could I possibly do that wouldn't involve a lot of work, but still be awesome?'

Luckily, my last entry gave me an idea.

The contest is simple - All you have to do is be my #? follower!

That's right, I changed it. 50 was too boring. Plus, now none of you know which new follower will win. I have a Super Special Secret Number (between 20 and 60) in my head. If you happen to be that follower, you win! All you have to do is keep your fingers crossed and sign up to follow me!

The Prize: The winner will receive one of the books on my favorites list! You tell me a little bit about what you like to read, and I'll do my best to match it to something on my list (you'll have to let me know if you've already read some of them so I don't send you a duplicate).

And that's it! Pretty simple, right?


  1. If I'm already following, then I can't be a winner! :(

  2. No, but I already love you.

  3. okay so now this contest has become REALLY interesting. i wonder what the number is gah!

  4. *Waits for her lucky number.*

  5. Anonymous posters can't win, sadly! You have to be a logged in follower, who shows up in that box to the left.

  6. I am officially following, and if that special number ends up being 27 I might do a jig.

    Good contest :)

  7. Wow that's awesome! :)

  8. I am officially following as well!

    Woooooo for giveaways!