Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 1: Survival of the Fittest

It's Friday. And you know what that means?

It means I made it through my first week of work!

It's still kind of weird to think that I have a job. A Real Job. I moved out here expecting to toil away in a coffee shop somewhere (while maybe waitressing at Hooters, as well as shining shoes for pennies) while I furiously sent out resumes and prayed someone would call me for an interview. And maybe I had the abbreviated version of that -- I certainly sent out a crap-ton of resumes and had some interviews -- but I got lucky. So while it's still surreal to actually be working and doing something I absolutely love (and working with some really incredible people whom I also love) (and also, avoiding homelessness), I am SO incredibly grateful. Anyone who played a part in me getting this job, thank you. I owe you a cookie.

Bienstock isn't your typical literary agency, and at the same time, it's exactly what you'd expect. The company is known for its broadcast clients since it is, first and foremost, a talent agency. But the literary department (aka three people, including me) operates exactly like a lit agency would. I'm just surrounded by people who shout names like Anderson Cooper and Bill O'Reilly across the room. And that's cool, too. If Paul and JL's offices were closer, I'd shout names like... Well, I don't know. But I'd shout names too. Because who doesn't like shouting?

I'm already busy reading manuscripts, editing, doing contracts, acquainting myself with our clients, and all sorts of stuff you'd expect an assistant to be doing. And I've loved every second of it. Coincidentally, I got to meet Hannah Hart this week, and if you haven't seen My Drunk Kitchen, well... now you have no excuse:

If you get the chance to go to one of her Q&A's, go. She's lovely. And told me I should watch Portlandia, and now I'm kind of hooked. So.

I think someone needs to pinch me. I still feel like this is all one really awesome dream.

Minus the part where I tried to drink writing utensils out of my pencil holder today because I wasn't paying attention and mistook it for a water bottle.

Highlighters. Fucking delicious.


  1. Your job is the one I wanted? What is the name called? And what major or do(S) should you do to obtained it?

  2. I think I just answered all of your questions in my newest post. If not, let me know!