Saturday, July 30, 2011

Notes to New York, Edition the First

Dear New York City,

It still hasn't hit me that I live here yet. I take the subway into the city and walk around Union Square at least four days a week. I've given directions to tourists. I'm slowly building an arsenal of great places to eat. I picked the bodega I will forever be loyal to (well, at least until we move). I've done Saturday brunch. I have yet to get on the wrong train (knock on wood). I already have apartment horror stories to tell. I've so far counted 9 subway critters. It took a while, but I'm pretty familiar with most of the Brooklyn neighborhoods now, and can tell you which areas I'd like to live in (at the very least, I can definitely tell you the areas I don't want to live in).

I think, for three weeks, that's a pretty solid list of accomplishments. Especially the subway rats/mice. I mean, who doesn't love tiny animals with fur that run through muck and withstand all sorts of diseases on a daily basis? It's pretty impressive.

That being said, I'm not going to lie: you scared me at first. You're big and intimidating, and nothing like Wisconsin. Which I knew, obviously, but it's always much different to see in person. I've been nearly run over by a taxi more than once, you provided me with a heat wave when I didn't have access to AC, and unreliable realtors who never get back to me. Somehow you allowed my debit card to get hacked, so now I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off while I try to set up a new bank account. I need new shoes to counteract all the walking I do, and I long for the day when summer fades into fall and I can go back to layering and hats.

And yet I still like you. Love you, in fact. I'm convinced that moving out here was the best decision I've ever made. I love that there's always something to do, someone to see. Any type of food I could possibly want, you have it. The job opportunities I'd hoped to find really do exist. I haven't seen any celebrities yet, but I'm counting on it. I'm much better suited to the pace of life out here, and while I hate summer, I hate summer in any part of the country. So it isn't your fault. I'm excited to walk around Central Park in October, when the leaves change colors and I can actually wear a sweater. And though I'm horrifically clumsy, I may just venture out to Rockefeller Center and ice skate this winter. You're making me try new things and test ideas I already have, and I kind of love you for it.

After three weeks, you don't seem so scary. You feel a little more like home each and every day, and I suspect, given a few more weeks, I won't be tempted to write WI after my Brooklyn address. When that happens, I think I'll officially be able to call you home. And I can't wait.

Crushing on you,


  1. Congrats on the move! Sounds like you're in the right place :)

  2. Sounds amazing~!!!!
    I love hearing about New York and your adventure, its great!


  3. New York City seems amazing. I was there for three days last year; incredible.

    It's a terrible thing to say, but I couldn't live in a small town anymore. Like, less than a million people. I'm too used to airports, subways, national museums and libraries, historical buildings, and meeting people from all over the world. NYC is like that, but times ten compared to most other places I've lived (which include Paris, Warsaw and Montreal).

    It's great that you're happy and excited about your choice. :) I hope you keep finding reasons to love it!