Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meanderings on the Metro

Since I've been really sick (and thus not at work) lately, I don't really have any intern tips at the moment. However, I still come bearing gifts. I've been in D.C. for over six weeks now, and I use the metro (bus & train) pretty frequently. In fact, to get to my internship, I need to take a bus and two trains. I'm a notorious people watcher, and the commute has provided me quite a plethora of interesting sights. I thought I would share some of them with you now!

1. I am reminded of the fact that men (especially old men) with really long nails creep me out.

2. In six weeks, I have seen ONE man give up his seat on the train. And it wasn't for an elderly person. No, we make the elderly stand here.

3. The Woodley Park/Zoo stop = adorable children.

4. Teenage boys can be really obnoxious. The other day two ran into my car (the train, not an actual vehicle) at the last minute, and played James Bond. There was extensive rolling around on the floor (Ew), "hiding" in seats and behind poles (impossible), finger guns, etc. I think they shot the woman sitting next to me.

5. Old men in business suits seem to think they're immune to things. Like seating propriety. Where their body only takes up one of the two seats, they make sure they spread out over both. During rush hour.

6. So. Many. Fannypacks.

7. So many tourists don't bother looking at a metro map before they get on the train. And then they start panicking when they think they've missed their stop. I dunno, but maybe it would have made sense to look at said map, and figure out where you were going BEFORE you got on a crowded train.

8. If you catch the right train in the morning, there's this really happy driver who, when he announces the stops, is so over-the-top theatrical. It's great. "Good moooorning, ladies and gents! Neeeeext stop! Shaaaaady Grove!"

9. Sometimes, there's this crazy man who lays on one of the seats and talks to himself about the latest government conspiracies. I try to stay away from him. He's always wearing sunglasses, and I can't tell if he's looking at me or not.

10. One day, the man next to me on the bus just took notes on all the other people on the bus. Ie: "Sleeping on bus?! How you do that?" and "Man takes out $10. Why?" Way creepier than people watching.

11. It took me six weeks, but I finally saw a musician pull out a guitar in the subway and start playing.

12. People in DC are bad drivers. I've been on a bus that was almost hit at least a dozen times.

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  1. OMG I've totally had that Shady Grove train driver!!! I was in DC for 5 days last July (on a uni trip from Australia with 58 other people) and we had him on one of our late night train trips back to American University. We found him to be absolutely hilarious! It's definitely something that's stuck - we'll often just say "Shaaaaady Grove!" to one another in greeting :)